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Our goal is to provide a top class night of comedy for your entertainment in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The UK has one of the most vibrant comedy circuits in the world and we aim to create an evening where you get to see a combination of rising talent and established comics from across the country.

We choose cosy venues in Surrey and around the South East, so if you want a change of scene, a different sort of night out with the girls, meet up with friends, make new ones or want a break from telly repeats - come and join us.
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We look forward to seeing you!
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We hope you are having a fabulous summer and that you are not suffering too badly from world cup fever. So come win lose or draw why not join us for our kick off night at the Lower Kingswood Social Club on the 24th of June @8PM.

Headlining we have the amazing and irreverent Frank Sanazi

'Extravagantly offensive love-child of Adolf Hitler and Frank Sinatra. It may be a case of "ein volk, ein Reich, ein joke" but the gag is a good one, and flamboyantly executed. The banter is full of Nazi-related puns, often tortured, often brilliantly obtuse, and Sanazi livens things up with goosesteps and "heil" salutes as nervous tics, Dr Strangelove-style. PC sensibilities, as you can tell, are gleefully abandoned for the sake of this good old-fashioned knockabout act, with a slight pseudo-ironic twist. It's a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure uber alles.' CHORTLE

For tickets at only a tenner call ...

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